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"Look at me. Look deep into my eyes as i take your hard cock into my hungry wet mouth. feel how good it feels when i wrap my thick tongue around your dick. Oooo How that cock feels so good as it pushes it way past my lip and teeth on it journey to my throat. Yeah, that's it work that dick in and out of my fuck hole all while you are looking into my eyes. These eyes that tell you how good your dick tastes and how bad they want you to empty your swollen balls into my waiting whore mouth. Look deep into these eyes of mine, deeper, can you still deny me that huge creamy load of goo? That's it. You know that you want to release and give me what a true cumslut wants and deserves all that nut. Now look me in the eyes and tell me that you do not want to bust a huge cum facial all over my pretty little nasty face right now."

-Cumlotta Hunter

"Everyone's Favorite Cumslut"



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