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"For those of you who haven't been to a glory hole before, there are small cubbies that have a connecting wall between the two with a hole cut out of the connecting wall. When you want to suck someone's dick you stick your hand through the hole letting the person on the other side of the wall know that you want to suck them off. If they agree to allow you to suck them off then they stick their cock through the hole. Lately, when i would go to the glory hole a person would go into the booth next to me and hold it up by watching porn or just sitting there not sticking his cock through the hole for me to suck him off. To have another visit to the glory hole ruined by some jerk. Daddie came up with the idea of using the handicapped stall. Instead of having to suck cocks through the wall, i would invite the guys into the booth with us and suck them off that way while Daddie films us. Even though I remember every one of the guys from that night from the one that had been trying to get a blowjob from me at the glory hole since i started posting them on Craigslist. Or the guy that got all comfortable, like almost naked and jumped up on the bench to make sure that he got full contact with my throat. There s one guy that sticks out the most. He is the guy that i will call the Running Man. Now the glory hole cubby is already small and we had three people in one. This guy kept backing up as i was sucking his dick. i kept up with him because i am a natural cum chaser. As he was cumming he bumped into Daddie and the footage of him cumming got lost. You guys know me. i had swallowed his load and was out looking for the next guy to blow. W/we do this for real and sometimes things happen. You get it all with us. It is just sad that you goo givers out there didn't get to see how big of a load of jizz that i took from that guy."

-Cumlotta Hunter

"Everyone's Favorite Cumslut"



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